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The Jindex Pinch Valve range has been designed to solve process problems associated with controlling the flow of abrasive or corrosive fluids. Industries such as mineral processing, pulp and paper, power generation, chemical handling, effluent treatment, water and waste water use the Jindex Pinch Valve.


Jindex is the leader in the Pinch Valve market for its sleeve technology due to the special characteristics and multi-function ability in diverse applications.  Jindex has a comprehensive range to suit different applications. Some of the sleeves in our range includes full bore/ reduced bore, variable wall thickness as well as multiple a range of different materials including food grade. material.

Vacuum sleeve.png
Jindex Dart Valves

Jindex dart valves are primarily designed for flow control within open-topped slurry tanks, cells, channels or splitter boxes.

There are numerous variations including self-contained internal valves which are factory calibrated and installed as a single unit and internal valves which have a bolt down seat cage with only a shaft extending to the actuation unit. Both types offer the stability and reliability advantages of head-guiding where the plug is guided into the seat with guide bars set out all around the plug.

A number of sealed versions for pressurized vessels are also available.


Lime, (CaCO3), calcium carbonate is a very common mineral used in many industries.  Lime has two main uses, as a 12-15% slurry called ‘Milk of Lime’ and used a pH modifier or it is calcined and converted into Calcium Oxide (CaO) powder for use in many industries, including cement.

Jindex has now developed a specific Lime Valve to combat Milk of Lime slurry issues.

13. electric ss.png

Designed for tough abrasive and corrosive applications Jindex Knifegate Valves appropriate for many applications including dry and wet slurries for the mining, power, materials handling, water waste water and cement industries.

Our standard designs incorporate many features which provide excellent wear resistance and avoid many of the design deficiencies of traditional knifegate valves.

The Jindex “Flush Seat Design” will eliminate solids compacting in the seat area and jamming the valve, this is a vast improvement over traditional seat designs.

Depending on the actuation requirements we are able to offer manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric operation with limit switches, positioners, solenoids and other accessories as required.


The JINFLEX duckbill flexible check valve is an extremely efficient way to prevent backflow, the resultant contamination and flooding through flow systems such as stormwater outfalls, sewerage outlets and tidal disposal operations. The DuckBill is a passive flow device requiring minimal maintenance with no external power source or manual assistance to operate.

Butterfly 50mm SS fitted with dble actin

Jindex are able to provide through our network alliance with world-wide manufacturers a comprehensive range of butterfly valves for all applications;

  • Size Range: 50nb to 2000nb

  • International standards include BS5155, ISO 5752, ASME B16.34 and API609.

  • Firesafe to international standards API60, API6FA and BS6755.

  • Wafer / Lugged / Flanged – Concentric single and split configurations body styles.

  • All materials from Cast Iron to Alloy are available.

  • Seat materials include elastomer, polymer or metal seated designs.

  • API seat / disc design for single / double / triple offset are available.

  • A full range of quarter turn operators in pneumatic, hydraulic and electric can be provided.

Our in-house expertise has extensive experience in full instrument control system packages including fail mode.


Jindex through our own in-house products, our world-wide sourcing capabilities and associations with specialist equipment providers are able to offer the complete package for project valve requirements. Jindex has the advantage of many years in-house valve experience to offer the best valve type selection including automation packages in pneumatic, hydraulic or electric operation. Contact us to discuss your needs. 


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